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Should I call 988?

I want to stop drinking, but don’t know where to start. Should I call 988? I’m concerned my sister might be suffering from depression. Should I call 988? I’m thinking […]

Should you have a PAD?

You have the ability accept or refuse treatments and medications in the event you are hospitalized after a mental health crisis. There is a very simple form called a Psychiatric […]

Optimum Diet for Mental Health

Following an optimum diet, in addition to medication and other therapies, can enhance living with a mental illness. The goal is to eat as healthily as possible. There are foods […]

The Miracle of the Half-Smile

by Mark Brennaman Gather round and let me tell you how I discovered the miracle of the half-smile. Half-smile, you wonder. What is a half-smile? A half of a smile? […]

Walking Toward Wellness

Walking is an ideal way to enhance mental health. It’s the easiest, cheapest, best way to achieve heart health, as well as improve one’s mood. There’s no special equipment to […]