A beautiful woman smiling for the camera

The Miracle of the Half-Smile

by Mark Brennaman

Gather round and let me tell you how I discovered the miracle of the half-smile. Half-smile, you wonder. What is a half-smile? A half of a smile?

Yes, a half-smile. Not a grin from ear to ear. Not a big smile. Just a half-smile. Barely turn up the corners of your mouth. Just a little bit.

Now, hold that half-smile for a moment and begin to feel what’s happening inside your head.

Sit with a half-smile, quietly, and calmly. As you turn up the corners of your mouth you begin to release endorphins.

Did you feel some tingling in your brain?

As long as you keep the half-smile on your face you cannot hold a negative thought in your head.

With your half-smile, begin to dream of your possibilities. Thinking about your own success while engaging a half-smile will help you realize your dream.

It all starts, and ends, with a half-smile.

What miracle awaits your smile?