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What happens in a peer support group?

People from all walks of life deal with a mental health issue at some point in their lives. In fact, in any given year, a whopping 24% of adults will experience a mental health issue ranging from depression to panic attacks to anxiety.

That’s why DBSA is here: We’ve been there, we can help!

Our peer support groups are led by facilitators who’ve been trained to create an open, confidential, and friendly environment where people can share and learn.

The most important thing people learn is they’re not alone. Many others have experienced similar situations and are able to help and support newcomers.

The meetings are confidential as well. What’s said in group, stays in the group. And, if you want to attend and not say anything, that’s okay, too.

We use “I” language in offering support to others. We don’t tell someone what they should do, instead, we say things like, “When I experienced that, I discovered . . .”

Our meetings are not always serious, as you’ll find yourself sharing a laugh or two. Regularly attending peer support meetings can give you a renewed sense of self-worth, and can help your recovery stay strong.

To find a support group near you please visit dbsaok.org/support